Printed Leaflets

Matlock Town Council has published various leaflets covering walks in the town and the surrounding area. There are four in the series: Riber Walk, Wellfield Walk, Masson Hill Walk and Cuckoostone Walk.

In conjunction with Matlock Civic Association the first of several historical guides around the town is now available. This booklet covers Trail 1 (The Matlock Level Trail) and Trail 2 (The Old Matlock Loop). The Matlock Trail (1 and 2) Booklet is also available from the local tourist information centres at a price of 50p.

Click on the files below to download them to your computer:

Lumsdale Leaflet (283k)

Denefields (4.5mb)

Matlock Town Trails: Trail 1 and Trail 2 (1.4mb)

Riber Walk (2.0mb)

Wellfield Walk (980k)

Masson Hill Walk (1.3mb)

Cuckoostone Walk (823k)

Matlock Town Trails: Trail 3 and Trail 4 (1.2mb)

Matlock – a place to stop and shop! (5.9mb)