The job of Matlock Town Council is to represent the interests of the whole community. It is an important role of the elected Councillors to find out the needs of different groups in the community. They do this through their involvement in a range of local groups, direct contact with local people and wide ranging consultations with the local community of Matlock. Other roles and responsibilities include the management of the Imperial Rooms as a community facility and maintaining and improving public land and landmarks.  The Council also has some responsibilities for maintaining public footpaths as well as signage, allotments, bus shelters, town enhancements and cleanliness.  A more detailed list of responsibilities, and those of our larger authorities, can be found elsewhere on this website.

Matlock Town Council has 11 Councillors who cover 7 Town Council wards (Ward Map) and a ‘team’ of staff who assist them in achieving their goals.  The current Town Council and staff structure can be found by accessing our Key Documents section.

Every 4 years, following the election of the Council, a Strategy is produced which states the Council’s aims for the forthcoming term.

This term, the 4 main Priorities of Matlock Town Council are to:

MAYOR: Councillor Helen Legood

DEPUTY MAYOR: Councillor David Elsworth


CORPORATE COMMITTEE:  Councillors: Steve Flitter (Chair), Brian Smith, Margaret Elsworth, Michael Crapper and Susan Burfoot

WELL FIELD ALLOTMENT SOCIETY LIAISON GROUP:  Councillors: Brian Smith; Susan Burfoot; Helen Legood; David Elsworth and members of the Well Field Allotment Society

CHRISTMAS WEEKEND LIAISON GROUP:  All Council members; members of the Matlock and District Business Group; the Matlock Town Team and other groups in the Town


LAND MANAGEMENT:  Councillor Brian Smith
COMMUNITY EVENTS:  Councillor Margaret Elsworth
PUBLIC FOOTPATHS:  Councillor Keith Pearce


Councillor Stephen Flitter
Hurst Farm

Councillor Brian Smith

Matlock Bank and Sheriff Fields

   Councillor Helen Legood
Hurst Farm
Councillor Derek Woodward
Matlock Green
  Councillor Susan Burfoot
Matlock Bank and Sheriff Fields
Councillor Ann Elliott
North of Jackson Road
Councillor Jacquie Stevens
Chesterfield Road East

Councillor Margaret Elsworth

Smedley Street

Cllr Pearce

Councillor Keith Pearce
Riber and Starkholmes
Cllr Michael Crapper

Councillor Michael Crapper
Smedley Street

Councillor David Elsworth
North of Jackson Road

Susan Smith

Town Clerk