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The Annual Town Meeting is a meeting of all the local government electors for the Town. It is NOT a meeting of the Town Council.  Every English parish must have a parish meeting which must assemble annually on some day during March, April or May.  In Matlock this meeting is usually held the same day as the Town Council’s Annual Meeting.

Annual Town Meeting notice 2018

Annual Town Meeting Agenda 14.05.18



The Annual Meeting of the Council is quite different to the Annual Town Meeting.  It must be held in May in all but election years.  It is the meeting where the Chair / Mayor is elected, Council members are appointed to committees and to serve on outside bodies, the structure of the Council is reviewed and if necessary, amended, reports are given and policies reviewed.  It is, in effect, our Annual General Meeting.

Agenda – Annual Meeting of Matlock Town Council 15.05.17



Matlock Town Council holds one full Council meeting each month.  All meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise indicated.

Agenda Meeting 18.06.2018
  • Planning Correspondence and Recent Planning decisions on appendices
Agenda Meeting 16.07.2018
Agenda Meeting 06.08.2018
Agenda Meeting 17.09.2018
Agenda Meeting 15.10.2018
Agenda Meeting 19.11.2018
Agenda Meeting 17.12.2018
Agenda Meeting 21.01.2019
Agenda Meeting 18.02.2019
Agenda Meeting 18.03.2019
Agenda Meeting 15.04.2019
 Annual Meetings – see above