Matlock Town Council approves 0% Council Tax increase for a Band D property

Council tax 2018

Once again Matlock Town Council is not proposing to increase their share of council tax, the council believes that it is not the time to burden local residents as prices continue to rise, as do other elements of council tax and cuts to many services.

Cllr Steve Flitter leader of the council said “We realise that we will have to increase our precept eventually but while we continue to run a strong and effective council, achieving our priorities and staying true to our vision by working in partnership with other groups and organisations alongside local business, we can work within our means.”

This financial year we aim to undertake or encourage more environmental schemes throughout the town and would like local people to suggest any ideas that they would like to see happen.

To help pay for this we are promoting the Imperial rooms as a wedding venue which is seen as an opportunity for an extra revenue stream needed to offset any rising costs and projects that come forward but above all the town council strive to be a voice for the local residents as we continue to act in a responsible manner.

Cllr Steve Flitter

Leader of Matlock Town Council